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Information for Authors

Call for Papers

Papers are invited for the conference on topics lying within the scope of the conference. All contributions must be of high quality, original, should not have been published elsewhere and should not be intended for publication elsewhere during the review period or time of the conference.

To ensure high quality, all papers will be thoroughly reviewed by the conference Programme Committee. Papers may be rejected without being sent to the reviewers if they do not comply with the required format, length or if they do not lie within the scope of the conference.

Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer as book chapters in a volume of the KES Smart Innovation Systems and Technologies series, submitted for indexing in Scopus and Thomson_Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) and the Web of Science.

Proceedings Papers

Papers submitted for the conference proceedings must be formatted according to the instructions which can be found on the Springer website .. here ..

All Papers should comply with a guide length of 10 pages in publisher format. Papers longer than this will be subject to an additional charge for each extra page.

Submissions must be in PDF format for review purposes, but authors are required to upload editable word-processor files (LaTeX or MS Word) at the end of the review process.

Submissions must be submitted in PDF form through the PROSE online submission and review system available .. here ..

Abstracts and Late Papers

Authors may choose to submit just an abstract of 1-2 pages and make a presentation of their work, but without providing a full or short paper.

Full or short papers submitted too late to be included in the Springer proceedings may also be published under this category.

Abstracts and late papers will be published in the online journal 'Advances in Smart Systems Research (ISSN:2050-8662)', but they will NOT be included in the Springer Proceedings.

Information about abstracts and late papers, and submission instructions are available .. here ...

Submission Conditions

All submissions must be presented by one of the authors who must register for the conference and pay the fee. Authors who submit multiple papers will be required to pay a separate fee for each.

By submitting a paper for the conference you undertake that you will attend the conference, pay the fee and present the paper if it is accepted. By submitting a paper you also indicate that you accept the KES Terms and Conditions, available by request or on the conference web site, and that you agree to abide by them.

Review Result

You paper will be sent to two expert referees for review. After the paper has been reviewed the result may be:-
1. Accepted Subject to Change - You must revise the paper and upload a new PDF version of the paper. When this has been accepted you will be asked for the publication files.

2. Accepted Awaiting Publication Files - Your paper has been accepted without the need for changes. You now need to upload the publication files.

3. Rejected - You paper is unsuitable for the conference.

The Publication Files

When the PDF copy of the paper has been accepted you will receive an email asking for the publication files. At this point, you must upload the following files, named according to the instructions in the email:-

-- A full set of word-processor files for the camera-ready paper, in MS Word or LaTeX, including all image files necessary to fully reproduce it
-- A PDF copy made from these source files, with all comments removed.
-- A scanned completed copy of the Springer 'Publishing Agreement' form.

If the status of your paper is 'Accepted Awaiting Publication Files' it indicates that you have not finished uploading the publication files.

If the status of your paper is 'Accepted Publication Files Received' this indicates that you have uploaded the publication files.

When (and only when) you have uploaded a full set of publication files, and the status of your paper is
'Accepted Publication Files Received'
you are finished!

You must upload a full set of publication files and ensure the status of your paper is 'Accepted Publication Files Received' before the deadline, or your paper will not be included in the proceedings.

Publishing Agreement Form

When you upload the Publication Files (see above) you must include a scanned completed copy of the Springer 'Publishing Agreement' form. The blank form can be found .. here ..