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Conference Sessions

The General Track

Papers on any subject within the scope of the conference may be submitted to the General Track. These papers will be reviewed by knowledgeable referees, and if accepted, allocated to oral or poster sessions for presentation at the conference. Authors may submit to the General Track, or to an Invited Session if their paper fits the scope of the session.

Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions are organised and chaired by senior researchers who have knowledge of, and a special interest in, the topic of the session.

A List of Invited Sessions being organised can be seen ... here ... .

We invite researchers into emerging topics and new areas of investigation within the scope of the symposium to organise invited sessions, or parallel workshops of a half or full day, gathering a minimum of six papers from a wide range of research expertise from around the world.

Organisers of Invited Sessions undertake to:
Guidance notes for Invited Session Chairs are available .. here ..

Call for Invited Sessions

Researchers who would like to organise one or more Invited Sessions on topics falling within the scope of the conference are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. This should include:

If accepted, the Invited Session Chair will be asked to provide the URL of a web page containing the Invited Session Call for Papers (CFP). The Invited Session details and the link to the web page CFP will be placed on the table of Invited Sessions (a link to this is available on this page). Alternatively, the information can be made available as a PDF document.

Click here to download an MS Word template that can be used for Invited Session details.

Invited Session Chairs are ex-officio members of the International Programme Committee. We thank them for the valuable contribution they make to the conference.

Invited Sessions Chairs Registration

Where an invited session attracts 5 or more paid registrations (excluding that of the IS chair themself), if all 5 authors plus the IS chair attend the conference and present at the session, the IS chair may claim free registration at the next conference during the subsequent year. For example, a chair who gets 5 paid registrations at the IDT23 conference can claim free registration at the IDT24 conference.